Have you been Ravenstoned?

Who – or what – the hell is Ravenstone, you ask? Ravenstone was one of the premier bands in Athens, Georgia during the early 70s. The group, called the "Ravesters" by their fans, was known for its "take no prisoners" style of stripped down roots rock, its stage antics and its passionate political activism. "Have you been Ravenstoned?" was a question asked by their fans during those heady days.

On this site you can discover the band's unique place in the internationally celebrated Athens music scene. "The Band's History" is a good place to start for an understanding of Ravenstone and its importance to that city's music. Then browse through the interviews, photo galleries and reprints of articles to learn more about the band.

And, of course, there's the group's music. That's what it was about more than thirty years ago and that's what it's about today. In the music section you can read reviews of their music, and order their CD release, BACK ON THE ROCK.

Before you leave, be sure and check for the latest ravester news and live performance and tour dates . You can also drop the band an email. The site is continually updated so be sure to drop by often. And rave on!

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