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“More Love”/”Boomer (Boom Boom)”

The CD single that reignited interest in the group. It was recorded "live in the studio" and evokes and celebrates the band's original early 70s sound. "More Love" was featured on the DVD for the 1988 cult movie classic "Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers” directed by the band’s frontman Michael A. Simpson.

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 Ravenstone's long-awaited, full-length CD celebrating their 30th anniversary reunion features the band's original lineup -- Butch Blasingame, lead guitar and vocals; Dwight Brown, bass and vocals; Michael A. Simpson, lead vocalist, harmonica, percussion; Ralph Towler, guitar, mandolin, keyboards and vocals; Bill Wilson, drums and vocals.

Tracks include “Drivin’ By Braille” “Girl With Something Extra” “Crimes Of Passion (In The Funk)” “John Burrows Died For Our Sins” “Oilman” “Boomer” “Transit of Venus” “SWAG” “Finger Puppets” and “Dogma”.

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Limited Edition Poster for the band's "Back On The Rock" tour, created by noted visual designer Peter Weyrauch. Limited quantities. $10.00 US each.

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The DVD of Ravenstone's performance
at The Ritz Club in Athens, GA, Saturday, August 27, 2005 will
be available for purchase shortly.
Please check back.


Reuniting with Jim Boling, producer of BACK ON THE ROCK, the band is currently recording their new CD. The first single from the release — "Dance of Life" and Natural Born Slaves" will be available soon. Check back for dates and more details

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