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From the "Threats & Promises" section of the August 10, 2005 Flagpole Magazine, the bible of the Athens music scene:

Kicking Ass Long Before You Were:
The early 1970s Athens band Ravenstone has reformed and has live shows planned from now through June 2006. Notable for being five Southern men who refused to play Southern rock, as they were more influenced by Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, The Kinks, James Brown and Otis Redding than anything else, Ravenstone also shook things up around town via political activism. They were harassed by the Athens Ku Klux Klan for playing at a 1972 gay rights benefit on the University of Georgia campus (an event which UGA had originally cancelled for fear it would "promote sodomy"). Ravenstone was also threatened with arrest for turning up when ordered by police to turn down after playing a song called "Off a Pig" during a UGA voter registration drive. The band members decided to reconvene after an early track of theirs was featured in the DVD release of the late 1980s movie Sleepaway Camp 2, which was directed by Ravenstone singer Michael Simpson, and people started contacting them about their music. They have a newly recorded album called Back on the Rock, and you can bet your ass I'm going to check them out more than once, starting with their first show at the Ritz on Saturday, Aug. 27.

Gordon Lamb




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